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Nail Goo X Kit

Nail Goo X Kit

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Nail Goo X kit is one of a kind. This soft gel full cover tips system makes it so easy to do a set of nails that last 3 to 4 weeks depending on client lifestyle. 

kit includes 



💅Color Base Coat

💅Nail Goo X gel

💅Nail Goo tips 500pcs

💅Top Coat- Glossy


💅Pack of mixed crystals


How to apply:

1. Prep cuticle area

2. Apply bonder

3. Apply primer

4. Apply 1 coat of coat base coat 30 secs

5. Apply 1 coat of Nail Goo X 30secs 

6. Apply Nail Goo X- small peas size on nail tip by cuticle area then gently push down from cuticle area to free edge. Cure for 30 secs

Repeat step 6 for all nails then cure 60 secs (whole hand)

7. Apply color base coat or gel color of your desire

8. Top Coat 60 secs 

Yay now you got a 💣 set of nails 💅 

*See IG and YouTube for more how to and inspiration 



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